Today in the city Maalaea 22.11.2017

Two more women accuse Roy Moore of unwanted advances at mall

Gena Richardson tells Washington Post that when she declined to give Moore her number in 1977, he called her high school days later to talk to herTwo more women have come forward with allegations that...

Venezuela's Alcohol-Fueled 900-Mile Speedboat Race

In a country gripped by economic and humanitarian crises, the rich still turn out in droves for the longest speed boat race on Earth.

Meek Mill's Sentencing Generates Protest, Calls For Probation And Parole Reform

Artists, activists and attorneys weigh in on the strange — yet not strange — case of the Philadelphia rapper.

Silver spoons at the ready: Meal deliveries for babies are here - CNET

Organic baby food company Little Spoon launches a personalized nutrition platform to provide your little one with meals for each stage of development.

Stephen Colbert gets punch-line happy over Roy Moore's mall banishment

Roy Moore's girl problems in Alabama got worse when a New Yorker reporter found out that the GOP nominee for a Senate seat in Alabama was so notorious for hitting on teenage girls at the local mall in...

The myth of the male bumbler

Male bumblers are an epidemic. These men are, should you not recognize the type, wide-eyed and perennially confused. What's the difference, the male bumbler wonders, between a friendly conversation wi...

Stephen Colbert Mercilessly Mocks Roy Moore Over Reported Mall Ban

“The only place in the mall the girls were safe was Forever 21 because that is way too old for Roy Moore."

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